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Digital Marketing Strategy from Humdrum to Humming

Digital marketing strategy and implementation for a SaaS company. From first steps to ongoing optimization and weekly “jam-sessions” – here’s how we did it!

Fat Tails has been working on SaaS business models for a long time and was excited to learn that a client wanted to overhaul their digital marketing stack – starting with their web CMS. 

Online credibility along with the more traditional lead generation objectives was chosen for this project.

This case study shows how Fat Tails teamed up with a data quality management company operating on a pure SaaS model to put their marketing and sales stack in tune with their digital marketing strategy. It shows the typical steps and tools needed to get started with digital marketing for services based businesses.

The Client

Someone once noted that data is like air ( It’s ubiquitous, and once it gets polluted we’re in trouble. Poor data quality affects companies in often unseen ways – once the effects of poor data quality start setting in, it may already be too late.

That’s why our client provides ways to monitor and manage data quality in the organization – before it becomes an insurmountable problem

With a no-code data quality SaaS solution our client brings data stewardship onto center stage, giving responsibility for data quality back to the business and revenue centers where it belongs. 

Our client serves large manufacturers and industrial companies – improving the data elements that make central processes from sales and marketing to logistics and supply chains work.

Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation

Despite having excellent organizational knowledge of information technology – our client simply did not have the time to invest in setting up a website stack themselves that would follow their digital marketing strategy. 

They knew they’d be better off leveraging what they knew best – and let us handle the components needed for online marketing and visibility.

And even though they’d already installed WordPress – they struggled to piece together all the myriad plugins along with a stable site-building framework to make the CMS hum. 

Since each salesperson also used their own processes to handle sales – we knew that to get buy-in for the HubSpot install we’d need everyone’s participation in the process.

Conversion Focused Website and Online Credibility

Fat Tails set out to create a conversion focused website that would increase conversion rates, while also working to validate the client with the client’s online presence with their customers and prospects.

Our staff set up a conversion focused site using a site building system from Elementor, simultaneously streamlining the WordPress installation by removing unnecessary plugins and bloat. 

We also moved the client’s website to a faster hosting company. The client was now able to edit content to reflect their market position, and help validate them with their large corporate customers.

Using this setup the client saw a marked increase in relevant keyword searches – keyword phrases such as “data quality saas”, “saas data governance”, and “master data management”.

CRM Setup and Pipeline Management Process

Once the WordPress installation was configured HubSpot needed a bit of tuning. Online leads need to be assigned to the relevant account representatives. 

Using Fat Tails knowledge of pipeline management the client quickly adopted the relevant sales tools – tasks, contacts, leads, activities, and deals – within HubSpot to manage their sales process, and disseminate information within the team during weekly sales meetings.

Leveraging HubSpot for sales pipeline management helped the client share information on critical sales cases, and collaborate internally with the product development team to stress certain features that needed to be developed for new business development purposes.

Traffic Insights for Immediate Actions

With the basic site structure in place – service pages, relevant blogs, and case studies – we then started configuring SEMrush to monitor site health and to set up position tracking based on competitive intelligence.

The market for data management solutions was seemingly saturated with more established competitors. To our suprise, using the traffic tools in the SEMrush- suite, we were able to find niche keyword markets that had a low level of competition. Not only that, these keywords showed a clear intent for our customer’s offering.

Ongoing Optimization

Ongoing optimization was implemented with a suite of tools from the Google Analytics to the more sophisticated SEMrush online visibility platform.

Using these tools collaboratively Fat Tails and our client now has weekly visibility and digital marketing “jam-session”.

This “jam-session” covers the main components of search engine marketing from technical seo – site health, on-page and organic – to competitive and keyword research. Using search engine marketing tools to help inform content creation and site content optimization and tweaking.

Our client’s salespeople can now refer prospects to their website with confidence, while enjoying a growing share relevant keyphrase market. 

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