how much does a small business website cost

How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost?

Over the course of the past few years, online shopping has steadily been on the rise. It’s very important for small businesses to stay competitive by developing a strong online presence.

It’s important to not only keep in mind the benefits but also the logistical aspects of going digital. It’s important to know how much does a website cost, what is the best marketing strategies to use on an online platform, and how to build and maintain your website.

Why Have a Small Business Website?

Giving your small business a website can help to grow your business. By going virtual you’re opening yourself up to an entirely new group of potential clients and customers.

Adding a website to your small business you can also target local customers. By using search engine optimization and building strong brand awareness. You can help reach out not only to customers brought you may want to order your product online, but also increase your brand recognition within your local community.

Find a Platform 

There are many web hosting sites that can make designing a website easy. By finding a platform to host your website it is important to weigh out the financial investment you will be making into your site. 

Map Out Your Site

Before you go to web design and financing your website it’s important to look at what kind of features you’re going to want to have. What platforms typically up-charge based on the widgets used to enhance your page.

Select a Theme or Template

Website hosting services are very easy to navigate. With hundreds of preselected themes and templates, you do not need to have an education in coding to be successful. 

You just need to select what template or theme you want for your website and begin to add your own personal content. You can add an interactive menu bar with a contact us section, about us, and even an online store. These features can help you to expand your business by helping streamline services through a digital platform. 

How Much Does A Website Cost? 

WordPress is a free open source platform, but there are still costs associated. These add on costs come from each plugin or domain name that you purchase. You can even invest in a hosting service that can maintain your website. 

They will host a free website, however, it will not have a personalized domain name or be able to support several widgets that may make fulfilling orders or scheduling services easier from a business perspective. 

It is important to budget for expenses in building your website but you can also be fiscally mindful when mapping out the features you want on your small business website. 

Worth it for Web

When answering, “how much does a website cost?” keep in mind how much a website can help. 

Creating a website for your small business can help increase your profitability. By showcased a new level of professionalism and expanding your clientele creating a small business website is a worthwhile investment.

Take the next steps in gaining online customers and expanding your marketability. 


Website hosting with WPXHosting, with the ability to stage the environment for development and testing.
Elementor pro with Envato elements for templates, template-kits and other resources.
Use WPMUDev image smush and hummingbird plugins.
RankMath premium plugin and SEMrush project with monthly SEM audit report.
Google analytics comes with a Google Tag Manager setup.
Gathering leads is one of the most important functions of your website. Read about our read about our here. And our CRM services here.
An SEO optimized blog added on a monthly basis.
Take the next step to grow your business intelligently. Integrate your product master with your eCommerce store to automate the important stuff. Read about our Business Intelligence (BI) services here.
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This is the estimated cost for a small business website on an annual basis (excluding VAT - in those cases where VAT applies). Please note that WordPress plugins, functionalities, and pricing changes over time!
The estimated cost to design and build a 5-10 page small business website is 1500€, and the cost to design a basic eCommerce site is 5000€. NB! This investment needs to be added to the price of the annual cost estimates displayed here. Find more information on typical pricing on our pricing page.
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