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Self-Service BI is the Only Game in Town for Small Business

Do you own a small or mid-sized business and think that business intelligence and data analytics tools are out of your reach? Then you might want to think again.

More and more companies like yours are embracing a DIY, self-service model when it comes to business intelligence, and so can (read: should) you. 

Still on the fence? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: read on to find out why you should harness the power of self-service BI tools, and what the best ones are.

Why Is Business Intelligence So Crucial These Days?

Running a successful small business in our digitalized world means collecting, storing, and analyzing enormous amounts of structured and unstructured data.

How are certain products performing on the market? What trends can you spot in customer behavior and purchasing patterns? How much profit are you likely to make this time next year? What advertising spend is leading to conversions? 

Business intelligence can help you answer all of these questions, and more, and drive confident business actions that are rooted in factual data. By combining processes such as data mining, performance metrics, and data visualization, BI delivers a complete, up-to-date, and trusted view of your business, alongside the ability to make better future decisions.

The companies that want to grow and thrive within this digital landscape are those that keep their pulse on all aspects of the market and drive meaningful business decisions based on factual data.

However, only IT experts can dig deep into all that data, make sense of it, and transform it into valuable knowledge that generates great business results. Right? Well, this is not the full story.

Smaller businesses with little to no in-house tech staff, or with not enough budget to fund IT training for their in-house employees, are beginning to take matters into their own hands.

And what’s the best, if not the only way for them to achieve this? By taking advantage of self-service business intelligence tools. Keep on reading to discover even more.

What Is a Self-Service BI Tool and How Does It Benefit Your Company?

A self-service business intelligence tool does exactly what it says on the tin. It enables you, the user, to perform BI-related operations in an autonomous way and with no need to hire any IT staff. 

Sound too complicated? The good news is that it’s all but. The most popular self-service BI tools feature awesome user-friendliness and a simple interface.

Because these tools are designed to allow non-tech-savvy users to perform their own analytics, anyone can learn how to use them. In a short time, users can become proficient and are able to make the most of self-service BI for business-related purposes.

This is vital, as small businesses typically don’t have access to expensive BI consultants, data analysts, or IT experts. Using self-service tools is really the only way in which they can uncover useful insight to drive consistent returns.

Currently, tech giants such as Microsoft and SAP are offering amazing self-service BI tools. These will enable small companies like yours to finally get their foot in the door of business analytics.

Take Your Small Business to the Next Level With Self-Service BI

If you’re serious about growing your small business and thriving in an increasingly challenging and competitive marketplace, then you should consider self-service BI.

These tools are easy enough for anyone within your company to use in an efficient and productive way. At the same time, they can help you to uncover new information on your business such as product performance and customer behavior, and support strategies and decisions to boost your success.

Are you hungry for even more BI-related content and insights? Then contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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