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The Value of Data Storytelling for Small Business

Are you interested in adding some pizzazz to your small business website and other publicity materials? Have you considered data storytelling? Like every person, every business has stories to tell — including the data that reveal success.

Sure, there are many ways to share data. But most of those can bore your readers. But, data storytelling is a way to share verifiable information to engage your audience and make them want to read more.

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons for and methods of data storytelling. We’ll also share some amazing data storytelling tools. Keep reading to learn more about this way of conveying what people otherwise might consider dry content.

What Is Data Storytelling

Humans have been telling stories for eons. This art form dates to years-long predating written language, much less print. Those with excellent memories were celebrated because of the knowledge they guarded.

Before the written word, humans shared all kinds of information through stories. We still tell stories today — to others but also ourselves. It’s about recalling information and staying connected.

So is it astonishing that storytelling has been “rediscovered” as a highly effective marketing strategy? Don’t forget, telling stories wouldn’t be what it is without details to explain what the numbers reveal.

Who Uses Data Storytelling Today?

Did you know that historians and historical societies are among the pioneers in data storytelling? You should. After all, who tells a story better than a historian?

Today, data storytelling is used by businesses and organizations like:

  • Healthcare networks
  • Colleges and universities
  • Data analytics providers
  • And, of course, small businesses

Every individual and organization has a story to tell. Data storytelling can do that. And it does so in a way that helps readers remember essential statistics by mentally converting them into usable (and appealing) information.

Why Data Storytelling for Small Businesses?

Many small businesses struggle to gain and keep their clients. So they’re often intrigued by new and innovative marketing strategies. Anything that’s digitized, especially data, can save time, money, and effort — all sorely needed.

But clients are diverse, especially with information-seeking behaviors. Digital storytelling is one way to share information in broadly accessible ways. It can be for those new to it yet sophisticated enough for the detail-focused crowd.

And let’s not forget that data has it’s own story to tell. You may be loosing customers by not sending your offers in time. How could you possibly know? Understand how to visualize the data and the analytics will tell the story of what’s happening.

Data Storytelling Tools

Modern data storytelling for small businesses is new. Still, plenty of tools have emerged that make it easier and more straightforward. A significant component of these is data visualization so most tools are configured this way.

Popular examples include:

  • Tableau Public
  • Palladio
  • RAWGraphs
  • Carto
  • Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence)

Yes, knowing how to show data is critical. That’s why we’re
fans of Power BI. It’s a unique and powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. And BI has as strong potential for building a data storytelling repertoire.

We’ve said that “while you don’t need a complex data warehouse to leverage analytics – you will need to know how to combine data from different sources.” Doing this provides a foundation for data storytelling in any business.

What Story Does Your Business Have to Tell?

Choose your data storytelling tools wisely, based on your needs as well as intended readers. The more that captures people’s eyes and engages their attention, the better.

Data storytelling strategies are many and varied. Success depends mainly on being able to reach the audience you want to target. But anyone, even children, can enjoy data when presented as a story. Even hardcore number-crunchers can see value in a well-told story.

At Fat Tails, we’re here to help with data storytelling and overall management. Please reach out today.

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