Website Overhaul for Maximizing Lead Generation

When Risutec contacted Fat Tails to inquire about a website overhaul, they weren’t looking for an award-winning design. But they did need a website that captured all leads and distributed them to the right salespeople.

About Risutec

Risutec is Finnish forestry machinery manufacturer. They design and manufacture forest building machines – mechanical planting machines – for large forest companies and contractors. Providing value for each stage of the reforesting process is key for Risutec.

Challenge: Not a single lead left behind

Risutec needed a website that could clearly communicate their value offering and also capture leads as they came in.

Their old website was no longer up to task, so they called on Fat Tails to help.

It became evident that there was no robust lead collection mechanism available on their old site. Also, editing pages and blog posts was painstakingly slow.

In addition, there was no way to clearly assign leads to responsible sales reps once they came in. 

Solution: Website overhaul for lead generation

Risutec leadership knew that they had a killer product range – that could entice web visitors to take action. With the help of Fat Tails, Risutec started changing their website structure with a conversion focus in mind.

Fat Tails helped Risutec design a work-a-day website for lead-collection and product information dissemination. By using the right kinds of plugins, Risutec site was ready for prime-time.

Within a matter of mere weeks Risutec saw lead flow improve dramatically, and for the first time in their history they started setting lead gathering targets.

In addition, there was no way to clearly assign leads to responsible sales reps once they came in. 

To help with this Fat Tails installed a CRM-backend to systematically assign incoming contacts to sales reps for further actions.

Direction: Tighter sales and marketing integration

Risutec isn’t the kind of company that rests on its laurels once a job gets done. Always looking to improve, Risutec has chosen the following focus areas for improvement over the coming year:

If you also want to achieve the kind of lead growth Risutec has seen  – please contact us to get started.



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