Self-Service BI is the Only Game in Town for Small Business

Self-service business intelligence

Do you own a small or mid-sized business and think that business intelligence and data analytics tools are out of your reach? Then you might want to think again. More and more companies like yours are embracing a DIY, self-service model when it comes to business intelligence, and so can (read: should) you.  Still on […]

Big Data for Small Companies

Big data for small companies

Big data: it’s all around us, from the social media we use every day to our children’s education system. it’s integral to scientific disciplines like astronomy and huge corporations like Amazon. The benefits of big data don’t stop at these large-scale enterprises though. More and more entrepreneurs are discovering the benefits of big data for […]

The Value of Data Storytelling for Small Business

Data storytelling

Are you interested in adding some pizzazz to your small business website and other publicity materials? Have you considered data storytelling? Like every person, every business has stories to tell — including the data that reveal success. Sure, there are many ways to share data. But most of those can bore your readers. But, data […]

6 Agile BI Tools for Small Business You Need to See Today

Bi tools for small business

BI tools for small business owners don’t have to be an exhausted mess, trying to analyze disorganized data. Business intelligence software for small businesses has brought habitable order to small organizations everywhere.  Business intelligence software involves streamlining your data in a way that feels actionable. Small business reporting tools can reframe how you figure out trends, helping you make crucial […]

Customer Retention – Decreasing Churn is the #1 Secret to Growing Profits

Customer retention harp

Customer Retention – Decreasing Churn to Grow Profits Customer Retention – Service business, or companies with services marketing elements like SaaS companies, should prioritize fighting customer churn above all else. The old saying “acquiring a customer is 4 times more expensive than keeping an existing customer” still applies. In this article we look at the […]