The First Step in Systematic Sales

Sales is simple but not easy. If you are responsible for sales but feel that you do not fit the stereotypical picture of a salesperson fret not!


Getting started

Perhaps your organization is so small or your team so fresh that you feel implementing a CRM would be overkill. And it could well be…if you are already delivering on results.

Sales is simple, ie. you need to deliver results. Delivering results, however, isn't always easy. On the other hand, setting up a structure around delivering and communicating results is easy and free.

If you are not delivering results and you have no idea where to start let me make some suggestions:

  • Start with a no-cost, no strings attached CRM
  • Arrange your core sales process around a pipeline
  • Import contacts and contact info into the CRM

HubSpot offers a free CRM and all you need to start is a domain

Having signed up you can follow the steps on the official HubSpot site. For a quick run-through here are the steps involved:

  1. Add users (optional)
  2. Assign users to teams (optional)
  3. Import your customers and prospects
  4. Create a new pipeline, or modify the existing one
  5. Create deals and associate your customers or prospects with these deals
  6. Assign deals to owners (optional if you are flying solo)

Last but not least, discuss the deals with your team and assign deals and tasks as appropriate. Actionable communication around generating sales for specific deals is the first step in systematic sales.

In Summary

There is no need to procrastinate, sign-up for a free CRM now. However, if you need to discuss things before commiting your time to this effort, feel free to book a time here.

HubSpot Free CRM

Take your first step toward a systematic sales process by signing up for a Free CRM on the HubSpot site today!

Henrik Janer

I do customer analytics and databases, marketing and marketing analytics, direct sales and strategy as well as integrations that support these activities. Fat Tails Oy - helps start-ups and independent teams to rapidly execute their marketing and sales initiatives on a shoestring budget.

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