Landing Pages for WordPress

The success of your online business really depends a lot on just a few key pages on your site. The kinds of "conversion focused" pages, where you very specifically turn new visitors into email subscribers, members or customers.


When to use landing pages?

So when should you use landing pages? Thrive Themes have compiled this non-exhaustive list in their Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages:

  • 1
    When you drive paid traffic
  • 2
    When you organize an event or webinar
  • 3
    When you give away a free ebook/video course/guide/etc.
  • 4
    Before launching a new product or service
  • 5
    To segment different buyer personas
  • 6
    To segment visitors with different engagement levels

If you are writing a blog and have the patience to wait for organic traffic, and if your blog is non-commercial... then creating landing pages may not be obligatory for you.

Perhaps... but probably not!

As you are starting to build your online precense I would suggest putting some effort into creating landing pages and rapidly adding some landing pages to build your online precense and community. You can always create a private journal with just piece of paper and a pen... don't need WordPress for that!

Henrik Janer

I do customer analytics and databases, marketing and marketing analytics, direct sales and strategy as well as integrations that support these activities. Fat Tails Oy - helps start-ups and independent teams to rapidly execute their marketing and sales initiatives on a shoestring budget.

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