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Malware removal

When a trusted web developer retired a specialty web store was attacked with potentially dire consequences

What was the problem?

While in the market for a new web developer Arifin’s eCommerce site was hit by some malware.

Seeking to quickly remove the issue they contacted their current hosting solutions provider. Disappointingly, this was not possible and the solution looked like an expensive plugin.

What was the impact to the business?

Time was not on their side – it was high season for boating supplies and their top salesperson – their webstore – was not operational.

The impact of the problem was lost sales during high season – not something the customer could live with.

How was the problem solved?

Fat Tails approached the problem with a holistic approach. Instead of settling for sub-par hosting we decided to move all of the customers website assets to WPX.

At WPX their expert malware removal started cleaning the site from harmful code and identified the root-cause.

The immediate solution was to remove the malicious code and get the site back online. However, the long term solution was to implement a regular schedule for implementing updates and documenting a disaster recovery plan that covers these risks in the future.

About the customer

Arifin specializes in manufacturing specialty boat parts and made to order parts for leisure boating.

Service and repair catalog

When Alumiinivenekorjaamo reached out to implement a novel repair service concept Fat Tails couldn't refuse

What was the problem?

Alumiinivenekorjaamo’s repair site was due for an overhaul and the owner had a novel idea for showcasing service and repair work while cornering the SEO market at the same time for his special niche.

Small to mid-sized businesses often struggle to communicate their services effectively online. And even when the message is clear it might not be packaged in a way that infuses trust in split-decision-making online customers.

The issue of ever-changing Google algorithms and how to create content that will rank high in the search results was a constant concern.

What was the impact to the business?

The business owner sensed that his business was missing out on service and repair customers and that something needed to be done. Without being able to measure and benchmark against the total addressable market, it was simply impossible to know.

The impact of the problem was lost opportunities in the form of new customers and repeat business, with the inability to measure the impact of the lost market share on revenues.

How was the problem solved?

Because the business owner was the true hero in this story, i.e. he had set up a clearly defined process for capturing material during service and repair by his mechanics – the role Fat Tails had was to implement this online.

The business owner had an idea of the site he wanted to create – modelled on an online catalogue – with the ability to filter by key dimensions, like boat brand and model, repair object, model year and so on.

Fat Tails implemented a WooCommerce catalogue site using a selection of plugins that allowed for the features the customer requested with a clearly defined process for adding new repair stories “as products” to the site.

Great care was taken to tell a natural story of the repair with all pictures clearly described and tagged.

About the customer

Alumiinivenekorjaamo specializes in servicing and repairing aluminium boats for customers in southern Finland.

Website and dealer portal

An international forestry machinery manufacturer wanted a way to implement their new marketing strategy

What was the problem?

xx wanted to make it easier for their global dealer network to access accurate and up-to-date information on products, and training material and to help configure customer products online for shorter sales cycles.

The current solution was cumbersome and time-consuming for their dealer channel managers.

The material usually came with multiple versions and the problem was further exacerbated by a convoluted product configurator that you needed a PhD to decipher.

What was the impact to the business?

xx new marketing strategy emphasized the importance of a robust dealer network for delivering customer success, even in remote areas.

Since material was dispersed and often not of the caliber to entice major dealers in certain key markets.

Because dealers weren’t signing up xx new that they weren’t able to expand to these markets. To add insult to injury competitors were starting to get a foothold in some markets – making market entry harder for xx. 

How was the problem solved?

Fat Tails consulted with xx over a period of weeks, engaging all stakeholders from the CEO and CFO, to the sales team and production management team. We knew that a succesful launch required sign-off from all departments involved.

Since the portal was not open to the public and xx wanted to control sign-ins, a process was implemented for dealer logins that privatized the sensitive information on xx’s site.

Using a selection of carefully curated plugins, Fat Tails implemented a product configurator that allowed dealers to quickly build quotes for the end customer correctly. This solution required zero-coding and was quick to implement.

Product details from xx’s ERP were also automatically integrated. This reduced the time it would take to manually enter the products while allowing for a single source of truth.

About the customer

xxx is the leading supplier of mechanized silviculture equipment in the world, providing solutions for reforestation and subsequent stages of forest growth.

Tools we use to deliver challenging projects

Our background has been in working with large corporates to provide specialty integrations, reporting, analytics and data warehousing solutions in a myriad of industries. Our specialty has always been subscription based business and customer databases B2B or B2C that can be construed as such. Our job has been to provide the integration to specialty analytics providers – we pull the data out of the source systems or data warehouse and transform it for customer analytics.

We use the Apache HOP integration platform for all integration work. We don’t shy away from customizing the integration with Java or Python – however, our philosophy is maintainability. We don’t like maintaining and continuing someone else’s poorly documented code – so we avoid this like the plague.

As a database backend, we are fully proficient in SQL Server – it’s the dialect we use, and while we can work with other DMS we try to avoid this.

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