3 Common Data Management Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

Data management mistakes

In this article we explore common data management mistakes to avoid in your small business. The digital age has taken over and chances are that your business has no choice but to be a part of this ever-changing revolution. That means that you will need to deal with data. That’s where things can get a […]

Digital Marketing Strategy from Humdrum to Humming

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy and implementation for a SaaS company. From first steps to ongoing optimization and weekly “jam-sessions” – here’s how we did it! Fat Tails has been working on SaaS business models for a long time and was excited to learn that a client wanted to overhaul their digital marketing stack – starting with […]

Customer Retention – Decreasing Churn is the #1 Secret to Growing Profits

Customer retention harp

Customer Retention – Decreasing Churn to Grow Profits Customer Retention – Service business, or companies with services marketing elements like SaaS companies, should prioritize fighting customer churn above all else. The old saying “acquiring a customer is 4 times more expensive than keeping an existing customer” still applies. In this article we look at the […]

Why SaaS Marketing is Critical for Your Business

Saas marketing

Are you thinking about using SaaS marketing for your business? SaaS, or software as a service, can be very¬†difficult to market. Yet, it also often helps businesses sell wildly successful products. In fact, services marketing allows companies to sell their products with little overhead costs. It also is a fantastic way to keep earning money […]