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WordPress runs on a plugin system which means you need to have the right ones for your business. But how do you choose? Let us help you set up WordPress for business!

Configuring WordPress for Your Business

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Wordpress for business

What Are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is one of the most customizable website creation tools out there. When you first get a WordPress account and establish your website, you’re using something that is already pre-equipped to run on plugins. 

At their core, WordPress plugins give your website functionality. Adding plugins to your site can greatly enhance it and provide you with the ability to do what you wish with it.

WordPress has more than 48,000 free plugins and thousands more locked away under its premium features. Yet, you don’t need all plugins in order to function well.

WordPress Plugins and Themes

One of the most commonly-used WordPress plugins includes themes. Think of themes as web outlays that help direct your clients from place to place and give you different abilities. 

Because of this, the theme you choose is important. Having a well-working website contributes to the generation of leads. Of course, you can change themes throughout your time on WordPress but if you want to get off to the right start, you need a good theme.

Not sure where to start? Begin today with our WordPress plugins service!

WordPress for Lead Generation

When you hire us, our experts will help you select the right plugins for your website.

We are a WordPress conversion-focused service that helps different businesses, including those using WordPress for B2B, to get you more customers. Our services focus on selecting the right plugins so that you can focus on generating leads with WordPress.

This will give you a fantastic advantage as you venture into using WordPress. Once your plugins are chosen, we’ll also help you maintain them, tailoring our work to your company’s ongoing needs. 

We also optimize your site for peak performance and either acquire hosting of your site or help you find a good host.

Read this case study, to find out how one of our clients used a combination of WordPress and HubSpot to improve their lead generation efforts.

Ready to Get Started?

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