Pricing for Typical Projects

We can build simple websites or help you implement a growth platform with all the necessary customization and integration you need. To understand the scope of your project please provide your details on our contact page. Your requirements will affect the scope, and the scope will impact the price.

Here are some typical projects and price ranges – it will help you understand the kind of work we do and help you assess if we are a good fit for your business.

Simple marketing website for visibility and core WordPress plugins

This project is for you if you are starting out fresh and can let us help you choose the plugins for your WordPress installation. Costs vary between 1500-5000€ for a website setup. NB! This requires sticking to a very strict implementation in terms of plugin selection and choice of hosting company.

Basic eCommerce shop

This project is for you if you want to start using WooCommerce. We’ll help you with the setup and the necessary plugins, as well as a fundamental/basic product and service integration strategy (manual imports). Pricing for this project is between 5000-7500€.

CMO-service and long-term marketing partnership for small businesses

If you want us to become your CMO on a retainer basis this is also possible. Our service focuses on maximizing lead generation. A typical assignment comes in at 1500€ for 20 hours per month retainer. The minimum contract period is 3 months. Expect to see results within one year.

Affordable SEO Services

We provide bi-weekly SEO reviews as a service. You need to be involved though. Prices start at 500€ per month. Read our SEO pricing guide to learn more.

Data warehousing and data engineering work

For fully customized marketing and sales automation solutions we can also work on an hourly basis, and we charge 120€/hour. 

To understand the pricing in your unique situation please schedule a free online consultation – and we’ll provide you with a custom quotation.