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Sales Knowledge Management

Fat Tails provides integrated sales knowledge management services for SMEs and agile teams within corporates. Conversion-focused webpages. CRMs geared for performance. Business Intelligence for accountability and attribution. SEO and paid advertising for lead generation.

Is your website healthy?

If you want leads from digital channels, you'll need a healthy website. To get a FREE SEMRush webpage audit report delivered to your email, please fill in the form and click "Audit Now".

In addition, we will send one follow-up email composed by an actual human, one that's actually taken the time to visit your website.

Services Offered

We provide sales and marketing integration for growth minded companies. Webpages, CRM and marketing technology implementation services, paid ads and SEO.

From small and mid-sized companies to agile teams within corporations, we help integrate your sales and marketing stack for rapid market entry and new sales.

Note: If you're the company CEO, Sales Director, or responsible for business development in your team - you're probably in the right place

Service Platforms

We provide services based on the following platforms. We are tech polygamists... so if you've already installed something odds are we'll love that too.

Technology works at its best when you allow it to improve your processes. In some cases, technology offers a new way of working - those of us in sales should at least keep an open mind to new processes.

  • Thrive Themes & AWS - For conversion-focused websites that are rapid to deploy and provide the right level of sophistication we choose Thrive Themes with an AWS Lightsail back-end
  • HubSpot & Power BI - CRM and analytics tools are a dime a dozen. HubSpot is probably one of the best free CRMs, and Power BI is affordable enough for sales and marketing reporting needs and pipeline reviews
  • Facebook & Google Ads - If you're just starting out, odds are you won't rank highly for traffic. We help you target the right audiences with relevant content. These two platforms are among the most affordable to start out with
  • SEMRush - Take SEO seriously. When you start getting the right traffic, eventually you will start getting the leads. SEMRush provides a systematic way to develop your online precense over the long run


No Deal Left Behind

Technology can you help you ensure no lead slips through the cracks and deals are handled with care. Focus on a few core processes in your CRM and stick to your reviews - you will make progress.

Integrate Anything

You're a snowflake, and your systems should work together. Point integrations are great, and when they fall short we pick up the slack to ensure that you maintain your competetive advantage.

Scale with Confidence

Can you spend one dollar on marketing and get two out? A lot of the marketing technology and processing in sales is to ensure that you can attribute your spend reliably and rigorously.



Somehow, through some medium, we get in touch. If we find some value in working together, Fat Tails will provide a free sample of work.


Your webpages may suck, there may be a kink in your CRM, you'd like to integrate two systems for greater productivity. Fat Tails can work on retainer to fix your impactful sales and marketing integration issues.


There's a mismatch in your communication, you're missing out on sales in markets where you'd like to participate. Fat Tails can work on a fixed-service fee + commission-basis to provide marketing and sales services in high risk - high reward markets.

Featured Customer: AfroTrade Partners

AfroTrade Partners helps EU companies plan, develop and execute international sales strategies necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

With local presence in eastern and southern Africa, Fat Tails helps AfroTrade keep an open line of communication to its network of experts and builds the needed integrations for new customer acquisition and for development its key markets.

Henrik Janer

Henrik owns and operates Fat Tails Ltd. for the greater delectation of his customers, from his base in southern Finland. He enjoys traveling around the globe to meet with clients, current and future, to exchange ideas and bring his partners' solutions to growth markets. Lately, he's been working remotely - which is also fine.

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