a new kind of marketing muscle

We help automotive companies leverage database marketing

Fat Tails provides system integration services and solutions for automotive sales and service companies. Our solutions include CRM, service calendar, live chat and more complex sales and service analytics for database marketing activities.

Shift Gears with our Multi-Dimensional Automotive Marketing Database

marketing database
  • Lay the foundation for marketing productivity in your dealership
  • Create lasting customer relationships along the automotive journey
  • Helps you gain insight into your business while beating out the competition

Plan New Dealerships with Location Intelligence

Data should be actionable, so looking at your current demand, ie. test-drives, sales and service...where should you expand?

Location data when combined with your marketing database can be very powerful. Plan for drive times to the new dealer location based on prospective customer's locations and other sources of demographic data to ensure your dealership's growth and thriving.


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