Grow Your Small Business
with Repeatable Marketing

Marketing is complex and time-consuming. We provide marketing platforms so you can repeat the campaigns that work and ditch the actions that waste your money. Our services include business website design and marketing platform configuration.  Click on the button below to calculate how much your website will cost.

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Case Study: Risutec Website Redesign

How it works

Ready to grow with a better website?

Are you looking for a business website to grow your business? We are a small business website design agency. Get a sales focused website to grow your small business. 

How much does a website cost?

How much does business website design cost? Turning your website into a well-oiled marketing platform requires knowledge of the technology landscape. Share your goals with us and based on your needs, we'll provide an estimate for our services as well as any additional software licenses you'll need to grow.

Sales and marketing integration service

Need to outsource your marketing at an affordable rate? We provide marketing management as a service. From content creation to search engine marketing we provide month to month reviews to increase your sales.

What are you looking to achieve?

Contact us through the form on our website to schedule a meeting with us. We'll get back to you within one business day. You will be asked to provide your name, company, email, and phone number as well as some details on what you're looking to achieve.

How much does a website cost?
A well-functioning small business marketing or eCommerce WordPress website needs a number of plugins to work. Select the options you need to get a website on WordPress. We provide the necessary plugins to get you started along with a fast hosting solution. Prices are displayed on annual cost basis.
Website hosting with WPXHosting, with the ability to stage the environment for development and testing.
Elementor pro with Envato elements for templates, template-kits and other resources.
Use WPMUDev image smush and hummingbird plugins.
RankMath premium plugin and SEMrush project with monthly SEM audit report.
Google analytics comes with a Google Tag Manager setup.
Gathering leads is one of the most important functions of your website. Read about our read about our here. And our CRM services here.
An SEO optimized blog added on a monthly basis.
Take the next step to grow your business intelligently. Integrate your product master with your eCommerce store to automate the important stuff. Read about our Business Intelligence (BI) services here.
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This is the estimated cost for a small business website on an annual basis (excluding VAT - in those cases where VAT applies). Please note that WordPress plugins, functionalities, and pricing changes over time!
The estimated cost to design and build a 5-10 page small business website is 1500€, and the cost to design a basic eCommerce site is 5000€. NB! This investment needs to be added to the price of the annual cost estimates displayed here. Find more information on typical pricing on our pricing page.
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Sales and Marketing Tools to grow your small business

HubSpot offers various options at different price levels, including a free CRM version to help you grow your small business. For customer relationship management, the free version of HubSpot is more than adequate. Fat Tails is a HubSpot provider – working with companies in many different verticals from manufacturing to sustainable jewelry, to improve their sales and marketing integration. 

WordPress ( is a free a website platform, and is structured through a plugin architecture and a template system (Themes)(Wikipedia). But which plugins should you use, and how will a chosen theme serve your marketing and sales goals? Click on the link below to find out the typical plugins and themes we use to setup our small business partners for visibility.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a huge topic. Subtopics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising (especially digital) and content marketing. There is no magic pill you can take to improve your search rankings. Instead, look to build your audience by writing relevant and quality content, advertising intelligently and using social media effectively. Explore our managed and consulting SEM services

Email marketing is really a subset of database marketing. It’s a great way to engage customers and prospects efficiently. A customer database will also help your marketing map the customer lifecycle for different customer segments. Optimizing communication sends will enhance the customer relationship – and customer lifetime values too.

To enable more advanced marketing you will need to set up a customer management system – basically a customer database with descriptive and predictive behavioral models. This database will be built around your business – and tie together all sales and marketing activities, customer engagements and interactions. The ultimate goal is to leverage this knowledge for sales and marketing actions. Fat Tails is a Microsoft Power BI partner.