S​ervice process insight for a sustained competitive advantage

What change are we seeking to make?
ExampleCar.com equips dealerships in North America with services to manage and grow their Fixed Ops department profitably. Our Business Intelligence Package substitutes gut instinct with insights based on knowledge.

What promise are we making?
We believe decision science can aid in reaching your strategic outcomes; whether it be to increase the number of ROs per month, reduce service churn or increase profits per unit in operation. The Business Intelligence Package helps you gain new levels of insight into your service processes for a sustained competitive advantage.

Who's it for?
The service is for Fixed Ops leaders; dealer principals, general managers, service directors and service managers seeking to manage and grow their service department profitably. Enrollment in the service requires a willingness to base decisions on facts and a commitment to exploring new ways of leveraging service data to reach your departmental goals.

What's it for?
Our Business Intelligence Package includes the KPIs and metrics to monitor performance for core service sales and operational processes. The Business Intelligence Package automates manual report generation saving you administrative time and expense, while improving and streamlining business decisions and marketing actions.