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We fix your broken website and help you sell online

From an infected site to a digital sales machine

Let the experts remove malware from your site

Hosting Infrastructure

Start with the best hosting for your budget. There’s a good way to go about building a WordPress business and it starts with infrastructure that supports your business goals. Secure, fast and reliable hosting with 24/7 support is a must.

Web Logic

You chose WordPress for a reason. Maybe you like to faff around with plugins. Don’t. Let’s select the best plugins for your business needs and pay if we have to. We specialize in a set number of plugins that work well for online sales.

Get Paying Customers

You need to be really clear on what problems you solve, and those problems need to be urgent. We’ll help you communicate that message and extend your WordPress site with 3rd party compliant CRM and Marketing functionality.

Small businesses can't afford to pay for things

that don't work


Do your thing, but please use our affiliate links if the information we provide is valuable. We only recommend products we have implemented or use ourselves.

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Small Companies

For small customers. Get help setting up all necessary parts of your new website / webstore and start growing your business online.

76 €


Help with hosting

Malware removal


Backup strategy

Testing strategy

Basic sales strategy

Basic compliance

Mid-Sized Firms

For mid sized customers. Get help with integration, reporting/dashboarding, documentation and technical project management.

96 €


Help with customization

Integration work

Business automation

eCommerce work

Catalog sites

Project management