Customer Knowledge Management For Sales & Marketing

Technology works at its best when you allow it to improve your processes. Customer knowledge management solutions help bridge the gap between sales and marketing. From small and mid-sized companies to agile teams within corporations, we help integrate your sales and marketing stack for new sales and maximizing customer lifetime values.


The Tools You Need For Customer Knowledge Management

HubSpot offers various options at different price levels, including a free CRM version. For knowledge management, the free version of HubSpot is more than adequate. Fat Tails is a HubSpot provider – working with companies in many different verticals from manufacturing to sustainable jewelry, to improve their sales and marketing integration. 

WordPress ( is a free a website platform, and is structured through a plugin architecture and a template system (Themes)(Wikipedia). But which plugins should you use, and how will a chosen theme serve your marketing and sales goals? Click on the link below to find out the typical plugins and themes we use to setup our small business partners for visibility.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a huge topic. Subtopics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), advertising (especially digital) and content marketing. There is no magic pill you can take to improve your search rankings. Instead, look to build your audience by writing relevant and quality content, advertising intelligently and using social media effectively. Explore our managed and consulting SEM services

Email marketing is really a subset of database marketing – and is a fantastic way to engage customers and prospects efficiently. A customer database will also help your marketing stay compliant with evolving privacy laws. Mapping the customer lifecycle for different customer segments and optimizing communication sends will enhance the customer relationship – and customer lifetime values.

To enable more advanced marketing you will need to set up a customer knowledge management system – basically a customer database with descriptive and predictive behavioral models. This database will be built around your business – and tie together all sales and marketing activities, customer engagements and interactions. The ultimate goal is to leverage this knowledge for sales and marketing actions. Fat Tails is a Microsoft Power BI partner.

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Are you loosing revenue because sales is letting hard-earned leads fall through the cracks? Is your marketing department churning out low-quality leads month after month?  If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Managing the intersection – and all of the tools involved – in sales and marketing is a colossal task.

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We usually work on a longer term service contract. Our agency has bought licenses for most of the toolkits you'll need for knowledge management in sales and marketing. And we provide month to month reviews to see that everything is running smoothly.