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    Strategic CRM and Marketing
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Data-Driven Sales Agency

We are a sales agency operating in the Nordics and North-America as well as through partners in Sub-Saharan Africa. Using our deep CRM and marketing knowledge we use data to drive sales with a proactive and transparent approach to sales.

Marketing Databases and Customer Analytics

The marketing database is your most important data-asset and facilitates customer analytics. Acquire and retain more business with the help of data models and performance dashboards, which help you monitor performance, day in and day out. See examples from automotive below.



Strategic CRM and Marketing

We are HubSpot Sales Certified Partners and will help you get the most out of your CRM and sales platform. Your CRM is probably the most important part of your sales technology stack and we work hard to make it fit your needs and gain traction with your salespeople.

Benefits of Strategic CRM


Better Customer Relationships

With integrated communication solutions and shared processes. Your CRM process should integrate with your other core processes to maximize the value from customer loyalty.


Decreased Cost and Increased Productivity

Customer relationship systems plug in with your office automation software and allow you to share a common process. Increase marketing efficiency with targeted acquisition and retention tactics.


Competetive Advantage

Competition for new customers is tough and expensive. It's almost always cheaper to maximize customer value by retaining your customers. Use process information from customer interactions to create a lasting competetive advantage.

Productivity Tools for Small Business

We understand how small business are treated by large vendors, and it's not always a pleasant customer experience. As GSuite Resellers we help your small business get started with productivity tools that don't break the bank...or fret your nerves! Check out our recommended affordable productivity tools.

What Our Customers are Saying:

SMECreditPro is a platform for millions of formal and informal African MSMEs which are “information invisible” to lenders, locking them out of access to credit, better trade terms, and business growth opportunities. Fat Tails has helped us set up our CRM for partner search activities and engagement. Our business development team will use this solution to identify opportunities, manage deals and tasks as well as giving our sales management a clear overview of the pipeline and any bottlenecks which may be blocking progress on our way to becoming the leading pan-African credit facilitating platform and information service.

Oliver Fomunung


Henrik Janer

“Fat Tails delivers tools and techniques for
database marketing”

We work with customer analytics and databases, marketing and marketing analytics, direct sales and strategy and various integrations that support these activities. We also provide affordable, best-of-breed platforms tailored for sales and services.

Henrik Janer
Owner, Fat Tails Ltd

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