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We've all been there. Never-ending integration projects. Dissociated rules in Excel. No meaningful communication between data and business teams. Top management completely left in the dark. Tikean SaaS helps you distribute data quality results in a structured way and can ingest any data source - fast

“Tikean is the fastest data quality platform currently on the market to deploy across the whole enterprise.”

- Data Manager at a Publicly Listed Manufacturing Company  -

Common Data Quality Issues

Itemization in After Sales

Everyone should use the correct item numbers. Or, everyone should use item numbers. Painfully obvious once you start running into obsolete parts while trying to deliver that huge site installation. It remains a mystery why systems make it so hard to attach item numbers (correctly) to vital assets in the sourcing chain. However, correcting these inaccuracies will lead to huge cost savings.

Single Customer View

Customer analytics needs accurate and clean data. But first line customer support activities are hectic. Data entry errors are common and widespread. Nonetheless, clean customer data is both a regulatory requirement and a directly measurable asset that you should get right. Poor quality in customer data is the main source of CRM failure, because your salesforce will lack the confidence to use the software.

Metrics for Management

You can't manage what you don't measure. Few companies take the steps needed for measuring the cost of poor data quality. How much does poor quality cost in terms of project overruns in after sales? What does quality cost in terms of lost sales opportunities? Letting top management in on the state of data quality in your organisation, will mean allocating responsiblity with the business owners, where it actually belongs.

Consistent Data Quality in Three Steps


First You Upload Your Sources #1

The Tikean plantform makes loading data sources easy. Simply define the entities you need to load along with attributes, and data types. For low latency scenarios you can use our flat file loader, while high latency scenarios can leverage our API to push data into the platform.


Then You Just Make All the Rules #2

Tikean is designed to let you create and manage rules with ease. Severity levels let's you rank data problems to immediately action the critical problems facing your operations. Create conditions under which your rules set the constraints to achieve consistent data across departments for true process alignment. 


Finally Govern With a Firm Hand #3

In the field of data quality, not everyone is created equal. Data asset managers may be responsible for creating consistent data, while business owners are responsible for all other data quality issues. Set rights in Tikean based on the role users play within your organisation and let managers subscribe to data quality reports automatically.

Tikean - Data Quality SaaS

Don't start another megalithic integration project before you've tried Tikean SaaS. Tikean Data Quality SaaS is fast to deploy and can handle enterprise-scale data sources with ease.

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